A mini-store for a business client

Sometimes extra storage space is required to store goods, accessories, materials, and trading equipment. In such cases the ideal variant is to lease a mini-store in a shipping container. It is an optimal solution as far as the costs and the safety of stored items are concerned.

Purpose of the lease:

Businessmen use shipping containers:

•  as a temporary store;

•  to store goods for the e-shop;

• to store seasonal items;

• as a temporary store for office furniture,  keeping documentation temporarily;

• for storing trading equipment, tools, jigs.

Solid metal containers are intended to be used in harsh conditions. Shipping containers are resilient in high and low temperatures, can stand the impact of the aggressive environment and impact load. The doors are made of alloy steel. It is possible to install several locks and thanks to that only the lessee can access the container.

Prices of the leased mini-store

Leasing a mini-store costs about 30-40% less than leasing premises in a warehouse of the same size. These options are challenging to trading companies, e-shops, furniture manufacturers, tire workshops and other small and medium-size enterprises.

In Tallinn Holder offers 20 and 40-feet long shipping containers for lease.  The area of the metal containers is 6-28 square meters. In addition it is possible to lease storage containers starting with the size of 3.25 m2. To place an order, fill in a form on the home page or turn to the manager. Holder guarantees that your items are stored safely and in optimal conditions for the development of your enterprise.

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