Mini-store for a private client

During moving, maintenance and sale of immovable storing furniture and personal items may cause problems. The most suitable variant to solve the problem is to lease a mini-store in a shipping container.

Purpose of mini-modules

Private persons can use extra space

● for a temporary store during repair work or moving house;

● as a garage;

● as a storage place;

● as a storage for seasonal items.

Shipping containers are most often leased for storing items including seasonally used items,  unnecessary things, kids’ stuff, tires, disassembled or compact furniture, and household appliances. Mini-modules are meant for storing sport items used in winter or in summer, bikes, and scooters.

Solid steel structures ensure safe storage for different items. If necessary, items are stored on different levels by using extra shelves, which can also be leased. The content of the isolated hermetic container is safely protected from dust and moisture.

Leasing cost

One of the main advantages of the mini-store is the low leasing cost. Storing items in it costs 30-40% less than when leasing an ordinary storage space. Prices depend on the size of the container, lease terms and extra services.

Containers can be supplied with electricity, zoned, and supplied with shelves. The lease contract can be concluded for any term. It can be accessed 24 hours a day. A consultant helps to choose an optimal size of the storage place based on the area and capacity. In Holder you can lease 20 or 40-feet long containers and storage modules. This way you can solve problems connected with storing things temporarily and ensure the total safety of your property!

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