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Shipping containers are widely used in transport, for packaging and storing, as site huts, or temporary office rooms.
Our clients use shipping containers for storing personal items, furniture, seasonal vehicles and items connected with entrepreneurship. If necessary containers can be converted into dwellings, kiosks, bars or used in any other suitable form.

Shipping containers are made of high quality steel and meant to be used in harsh weather conditions (salt water, frost, ice, rain), and foreseen to be intensively used in shipping for about 15 years. The service life of a container used in good conditions on the territory of the company is not limited.

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Shipping containers are widely used:

  • in shipping and mainland transport;

  • as a store on the enterprise's territory;

  • as a temporary store on the construction site;

  • as a shed on private land;

  • as a garage for vehicles.

Most common types of shipping containers:

Shipping container 20′DV
(6058 X 2438 MM, HEIGHT 2591 MM)

20-feet (6 m) long container type is the most widely-spread model used for transporting various cargo. The container is of suitable size and does not require special conditions. The walls of the regular rectangular container are covered by corrugated metal, doors are located at one end. There is usually a wooden floor inside.
Shipping container 40′DV
(12192 X 2438 MM, HEIGHT 2591 MM)

40-feet (12 m) long standard container is an ideal storage on the territory of any company and suitable for storing any kind of goods. In comparison with the 20-feet long container they are used for transporting lighter goods like furniture, equipment, clothes, cosmetics, foodstuff, electronics, etc.
Shipping container 40’HC
(12192 X 2438 MM, HEIGHT 2896 MM)

40-feet long High Cube container is a standard container, which is by a foot (30 cm) higher. Thanks to the higher loading intensity, the taller container enables to reduce shipping costs significantly thanks to the bigger height. Due to the bigger volume and high ceilings such containers can easily be rebuilt as dwellings.

Special containers:

  • 20’OS / 40’OS (can be opened on a side and one end

  • 6’DC / 8DC / 10DC (small containers)

  • 20’ / 40’ OPEN TOP (containers with an openable roof)

  • 20′ / 40’REF (refrigerator containers)

  • 20’DD / 40’DD (containers opened at both ends)


we transport the huts and block modules on your site and install them by using our devices.

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