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Holder offers storage containers of different sizes, colors and brands for sale and rent.

Storage container is well suited for storing things, tools and materials on a construction site, in a backyard or elsewhere. The main advantages of storage containers compared to shipping containers are lighter weight, lower price and convenient modular design, which allows to transport several containers at once. The disadvantage is that the container can only be lifted when it is empty.

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Types of storage containers


Containers are made from 0.60 mm cold rolled galvanized steel. The floor is covered with OSB plywood plate. Set includes two door locks with keys. Convenient design allows to easily and quickly install the container in hard-to-reach places by few people.


Side and roof panels of the containers are made of 0.60 mm cold rolled galvanized steel. To increase the strength, the containers have a frame that is installed at both ends and in the middle of the body. The base is made of 2 mm galvanized steel, which is equipped with a plinth. This keeps the underside from touching the ground. The floor is made of solid wood. The set includes one door lock with keys.


Modular containers from the well-known Containex brand are distinguished by their exceptionally high quality and collapsible design. This allows the use of containers both individually and in the construction of modular structures. The steel frame has truck openings and containers can be stacked up to the third floor.

Delivery of containers

We deliver assembled storage containers to the customer's site all over Estonia using a crane manipulator. Delivery charges depend on time and location.
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