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Rental prices of storage start at 45€ / month

Sale and rental

Different types of containers and saunas


Heavy equipment and vehicles rental


Rental prices start at 45€ / month

Sale and rental

Different types of containers and saunas


Heavy equipment and vehicles rental

Holder – Your personal mini-store in Tallinn

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To lease a storage container, send an inquiry with your contact data on the home page. We will respond at the first possibility.

Sign the contract

Right after the inquiry is sent, we will send you a Contract for signing and a prepayment order.

Use a mini-store

You can start using the Holder storage container right after having received the keys and signing the contract.

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You need a safe place, where to store enterprise’s assets or tools? You need a place where to keep your furniture until your new house is ready? You are looking for a storage place for your leisure time equipment?

In Tallinn we lease and sell containers of different types and sizes for the most affordable price. We sell and lease shipping containers. On our storage sites containers can be used 24 hours a day.

Open 24/7

Free access all around the clock.


The territory is under video surveillance and blocked by a turnpike. Personal access.

Moving services

High quality and carefree moving.


Our containers are new, clean and maintained. All storage sites have lights, safety gates and surveillance cameras.

Storage sites

Our container storage sites are located all over Tallinn − in Mustamäe, Lasnamäe, and North Tallinn.

Comfort service

We offer comfort service. We bring the container to the client’s door step and take it back to the desired location.

Questions and answers

What does the Holder storage container look like?

Leasing storage premises solves the problem of storing furniture, clothes and seasonal items not used during some time. The storage space is actually a closed container, into which shelves can be installed for storing different items. Containers can be locked and are located on closed squares.

You plan to store your things during repair work or moving. Which are the minimal and maximum periods for leasing storage containers?

The time for leasing a storage space is not limited – if necessary you can lease a storage container for whatever time from one moth to several years.

How can you pay for storing things in a mini-store when you travel away from Estonia for a long time?

You can pay for storing things for several months in advance and this way the cost is even more affordable than the monthly rent thanks to the system of reduction. You can also pay for the lease of the store via the distant payment system over the Internet or use some other bank transfer option.

How to calculate the size of the storage container and the cost of storing things properly?

There is no universal solution. To understand how much space, you need for storing things during the repair work, divide the area of the apartment that has to be vacated into five parts. For example, if the size of your apartment is 70 m2, the size of the storage space you need is about 14 m2. Before booking a mini-store, consult a Holder specialist, who can help you to establish the right size of the required storage space.

What happens to my property when I forget it in the mini-store? What happens if something happens to me or I cannot pay the rent or come and fetch my things?

If the client does not pay for the invoices, we will contact him/her by the contact data given in the contract. If, in case of a major debt, we cannot contact the client or his close ones, we have the right to open the storage container and utilize the content.

How does storing things in a cold storage container on a square differ from storing things in a heated mini-store?

Primarily it is the price: storing things in a container located outside on a square is 30–40% cheaper than in a heated storeroom. In summer storing things in a store outside does not practically differ from storing things in a heated room. Surfaces of the stores are solid, no moisture can get in, the squares are under surveillance with installed video surveillance systems due to which differences are minimal. Besides, if the container is located outside on a square you can drive straight to your container by car.

Is it possible to store furniture in a mini-store? How can it be transported to the mini-store for a short-term storage?

Storing furniture in a mini-store is possible. It is sure that no water can get in there. If you are worried, we recommend packing furniture into plastic film or cover it with a thick cloth. You can pack and deliver the furniture yourself or trust it to the professionals. We arrange the loading of furniture and the transport straight to the leased storage space and load things down there.

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