Storage rental for shop owners

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We rent storage units not only for private clients, but also for businesses. A large number of warehouses in Tallinn - containers of different sizes and in different parts of the city for commercial purposes.

Among other things, the service is relevant for entrepreneurs involved in trade - owners of land-based and online stores who need premises for storing different categories of goods.

Storage conditions

Our storage warehouses are scattered all over Tallinn. Containers are located in well-lit safe areas.

We monitor the condition of each storage box for rent and offer new and well-maintained containers. These are firmly and tightly closed rooms that do not get moisture and sunlight, which negatively affect the quality of stored products.

After transportation and placement of cargo, the container is locked with a key. You will be able to come and pick up goods any day of the week and at any time - as if they were stored on your own territory.

Clients choose us

Applying for the lease of storage space to our company, customers receive:

  • Large selection and convenient location - you can choose options near retail outlets
  • Quick signing of the lease agreement and the possibility of its cancellation with a 15-day warning
  • Containers of different sizes up to 28 m² - suitable for storing even bulky goods
  • We conclude contracts for any period - you can rent storage boxes for months and even years
  • We guarantee the safety and security of rented storage containers for the entire rental period
Would you like to rent a storage in Tallinn? To conclude a contract, select here the most suitable solution for your company and submit your request.

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