Storage space for equipment and tools

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Almost every person has important and valuable things that he does not use every day. Even if these goods are not dimensional, they can take up space needed for something else - this problem is felt especially acutely in small apartments where it is difficult to organize space.

In this case, you can solve the problem easily and quickly: just choose a suitable container for storage, transport things and periodically pick them up as needed - we have organized a convenient access to each container.

Storage container for hobby items

We rent storages for inventory and consumables for hobbies. Here are some things that can be quite safely and comfortably placed in boxes and containers:

  • A variety of carpentry tools and wood for carpentry
  • Collectibles - dolls, coins, antiques, various equipment and others
  • Musical instruments, including large ones
  • Materials for modeling, pottery and many others

Our containers are dry, things do not deteriorate from exposure to moisture and sunlight - if necessary, they can be wrapped with a film for additional protection.

Storage boxes for sports equipment

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If you lead an active lifestyle, professionally play sports or take your children to sports clubs, you will certainly have sports equipment in your house - bicycles, skis, hockey sticks and other very voluminous things.

Fortunately, today you can move away from storing things on balconies and loggias. Seasonal or temporarily unused sports equipment can be placed in our storage units - you can rent a box for an unlimited period.
Adding additional shelves to the selected container will allow you to place inventory more compactly and ergonomically (*this service is paid separately).

All locations of our warehouses and sizes of units can be viewed here.

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